Synbitech 2019, 24th -25th June 2019
QEII Centre, London UK

This exhibition showcases 17 selected projects to give a first taste of what the field of Biodesign will be able contribute - From sustainable pollination to grown fashion to personal diagnostics;

The cost of reading and writing DNA has fallen 1 million times in just 20 years. Not since the early days of the digital revolution have we seen a technology advance with such velocity. This impact is being felt beyond biotech and medicine, paving the way for products and systems that will affect our everyday life. Biology will be used increasingly as a key component in our everyday products, helping to create products and methods at lower cost that are healthier and more environmentally friendly. Increasingly chemical precursors will be generated using bacterial cells, rather than petrochemicals, leading to a more sustainable future . Highly polluting agricultural processes such as animal rearing can be replaced by lab grown proteins . Already materials are being developed that mimic natural fibres , alongside methods of colouring them using bacterial derived dyes.

The exhibition is curated and organized by Open Cell, a 70 shipping container village in Shepherd’s Bush London, with offices, workshops and biology labs for early stage startups and designers. Open Cell offers a low cost environment for consumer-facing biotech prototyping and a community of like minded innovators to help prototype faster.

Proudly sponsored by SynbiCite