Job Opportunities

We are seeking up to three people to join our team with an equity package + pension + salary in the range of £40-50K/anum.

You need

1) A collaborative attitude, an open mind and a passion for doing things differently. Prove this by discussing a time you have worked in a team with diverse experience

2) A passion for translating science and ideas into tangible products. Demonstrate this with an example. Have you developed a product before? Have you sold a product (developed by you or anyone else) before?

3) Experience in synthetic biology: Have you worked in a biology lab where workflows include designing primers, assembling DNA constructs, and expressing proteins in an organism? You do not need to demonstrate this with a degree but with an outcome (paper/product/project).

4) Experience in programming: Have you used any coding in your workflow (ideally python)? This could be bioinformatics or programming a custom data acquisition script or programming an opentrons with autoprotocol? Can you explain this or share a link to the code?

5) Experience in hardware and/or automation: Have you solved a problem in lab using a physical/hardware solution? This can be for any application and may include modifying existing equipment or augmenting it with arduinos, raspberry pis etc. Alternatively, have you automated any workflows?

You must have 1) and 2)! You need good skills in all of 3, 4 and 5 OR outstanding skills in ONE of 3/4/5 that makes up for less skill in the others.

What we will build together

Our mission is to reduce barriers to entry for biotechnology. So far OpenCell has built an open research centre comprising 70 shipping container biotech labs and workplaces. This has given us a deep insight into the issues early stage biotechnology companies face.

Over the next two years we will deploy solutions to problems including:

1) Making labs easier to design/build/buy.
2) Making simple cheap biotech products and a marketplace for selling them.
3) Developing avenues for non-biotech companies to integrate biotechnology in their products.

How we work

We focus on highly collaborative solutions with a user centric focus. We research the person/problem NOT a possible solution. We talk CONSTANTLY to each other and to everyone who has an insight! We focus on simplicity. Simple solutions are always the best. We iterate relentlessly with a willingness to strip our ideas back and reconsider assumptions. We TEST. We TEST. We TEST. We back BOLD ideas.  

How to apply

Provide examples of your capacity in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in no more than 100 words per answer. Fill in the form below

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