New Equipment Alert! I-DOT now in our Shared Lab

We are excited to share that we now have an I-DOT in our shared lab.

The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” (I-DOT) uses a non-contact, pressure-based dispensing technology.

Liquid-handling equipment can carry out simple and complex tasks, from filling plates to creating reagent mixes from multiple solutions. Standard liquid handlers can perform these tasks, but their hardware and software are not designed to perform combinatorial dispensing patterns efficiently. The I-DOT One offers a solution for simple, reliable and robust non-contact dispensing. Applying a well-defined pressure pulse on top of a microlitre plate with µm-holes in the bottom of each well forms a highly precise nanolitre droplet that is released into any target plate. Larger volumes are achieved by applying up to 100 pulses per second. The I-DOT is a new approach for nanolitre to microlitre liquid-handling tasks.

Look out for our I-DOT Open Workshop in January where we will give demonstrations and a practical workshop on using the I-DOT.

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