The creative agency for biotech companies

Open Cell Media is a creative agency producing video, photo and audio work for biotech and synbio organisations. Our media professionals work closely with Open Cell's expert scientists and researchers to ensure work is clear and validated.
We have a long history of creating large scale campaigns for international organisations and also supporting local independent designers reach a global audience.

Bigger than the Plate

Victoria and Albert Museum

Over a hundred biotech designers were exhibiting at the V&A museum in Kensington. To help audiences understand the background to one project, we created an in-depth documentary about bacteria, fermentation and using humans to grow cheese. Heston Blumenthal, Alex James from Blur, Ruby Tandoh from The Great British Bake-off, Suggs from Madness and Professor Green donated their bacteria to create their own special brand of cheese.

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An Entire Event Package


Europe’s largest conference for synthetic biology took place in 2019 and Open Cell Media were there to capture the event from sunrise to sunset. In addition to covering the Synbitech conference, we also crafted an animated video which introduced the conference themes by referencing the sponsors and exhibitors technologies.

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The Power of Flies

My Personal Therapeutics

To help My Personal Therapeutics explain their services and value proposition, we were asked to create a pitch video. This would help them fast track their meetings and allow their face-to-face discussions to go into further detail.

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The Best Bio-Designer in Town

London Design Festival

The London Design Festival happens every summer and for 2019 and 2020, we took to the events to document the designers and capture the stories behind their work. The films are used to highlight what went on for those unable to attend but also archived and repurposed to promote the following year.

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Piero D’Angelo Editorial Submission


Piero is a fashion designer working with biological elements. He was applying for the £300,000 Louis Vuitton Prize and needed a portfolio of images that demonstrated how serious a designer he is. Our images were submitted and he was selected as a finalist for the prestigious award.

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Connecting a Global Industry

Global Biofoundries Alliance

The GBA wanted to show how they are a truely globally connected organisation and wanted a website that reflected this. As such, we designed an interactive heat map which highlighted the locations of all its members and their connections. By zooming into a specific site, you can learn more about the member, their equipment and best ways to contact.

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  • Advertising and Commercials - Crafting video and photographic works which help with brand awareness and product knowledge
  • Event coverage and live-streaming - Documenting events and making sure they reach audiences before, during and after the event.
  • Product photography and Lookbooks - Imagery to represent a design or visually articulate an idea
  • 2D and 3D animation - Using motion graphics to demonstrate concepts or visually enhance a product

  • Documentary and Visual Anthropology - Through the application of ethnographic methodologies and documentary style filming we gather insights that help companies design strategies and approaches and show their impact on individuals, society and culture.
  • Web design and digital - Creating online experience for audiences to interact with brands.
  • Augmented and virtual reality - Using new technologies for immersive experiences.
  • Podcasting and audiobooks - Capturing stories and sharing them through sound devices


Jan Stöckel

Jan is a Visual Anthropologist and co-founder of OpenCellMedia. He has co-directed and filmed short and feature documentaries and worked on several international video-ethnographic research projects in healthcare, technology and social issues. After his MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London he has explored how audiovisual media can also be used as a research tool, to understand what makes us human.

Rhys Votano

Rhys is Creative Director at and co-founder of OpenCellMedia. He has an MA in Film and Digital Image from Sydney University, College of the Arts and a BA in Media Production from Macquarie University. He teaches video art to schools, remote communities and universities. These seminars and workshops extend to organisations who are interested in upskilling their internal teams with creative and production practice. He exhibits his video art in galleries and projects visuals for the band Explorer’s Society. He is also a proud supporter of StopFundingHate and the Conscious Advertising Network.