June 26, 2018

LBH talks: The making of a new London Bio-Community at Open Cell

Organized by London Biohackspace Green Lab, Bermondsay

Tickets for £5/£3 available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-making-of-a-new-london-bio-community-tickets-46402341653

Helene Steiner is CCO and co-founder of Cell-Free Technology. Helene is an award-winning designer & engineer focusing on products at the intersection of hardware, biology and design. Her latest non-profit venture is Open Cell (http://opencell.webflow.io/) , a 45 shipping container space in Shepherd's Bush London for early stage startups, designers and the community to innovate with biology. After collaborating with an Austrian design studio (http://biotop.co/) on the lab install she will share the making of (https://vimeo.com/271050996/685846a4ce) with London's biomaker community.

Their are a limited number of early bird tickets for £3, so book early!




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