July 3, 2018

Our co-founder Helene Steiner in CLOT Magazine

HELENE STEINER, manipulating the natural world
At this particular moment, Helene Steiner is the CCO of Cell-Free Technology, a company that makes biocomputers capable of sequencing and analyzing DNA, which she co-founded in October 2017. But the London-based designer and engineer has had so many jobs since her graduation from Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany that describing her by this single title, impressive though it is, does not do her justice. The breadth of her passions and talents is evident in her professional history thus far – Steiner, who has previously been featured in CLOT Magazine for her work on Open Cell, has spent many months as a researcher at MIT, a postdoc researcher and artist at Microsoft, and a lecturer at the Royal College of Art. Steiner has garnered such accomplishments while completing her Master of Science and Master of Arts in Innovation Design Engineering at the Imperial College in London and the Royal College of Art respectively. Her inventive energy has driven her in leaps and bounds through the art and engineering worlds.

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