Autoclave Bags

Ideal for processing biohazardous materials that require autoclaving prior to disposal. High integrity polypropylene bags withstand 135 °C (275 °F) maximum autoclave temperature.
Available in yellow and clear.

Bags resist punctures, tears and leaks, and they also meet the 165 g dart-drop standard as required by ASTM D1709-98
Each bag is imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol

Yellow bags have a temperature indicator patch with the words 'Contents Have Been Autoclaved' printed in a chemically active ink. Before autoclaving the ink is clear on a white background, after autoclaving is complete, it darkens and words appear in a dark brown colour, providing proof that bag has been exposed to high temperatures for sterilisation.

Single Autoclave Bags includes Waste Collection.

£ 29.90 GBP

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