Baffled Flasks

Plastic Baffled Flask:

PC, transparent. Thermal resistance from −135 to +135 °C
Shatter-proof with high mechanical strength.
Good chemical resistance, but not suitable for solvents, strong acids or alkaline solutions With four baffles seamlessly incorporated in the base. Ensures excellent mixing of liquids or microbiological cultures. Growth rates for E. coli and S. cerevisiae are comparable with glass flasks. The 1000 ml flask have a straight neck accepting 38 mm standard caps made of rust-proof steel or plastic.

Sold individually.

Glass Baffled Flasks:

Baffled erlenmeyer flasks, PYREX® borosilicate glass, ideal for use in the preparation of cultures. Exhibits four baffle indents to provide optimal and consistent agitation with white labelling area.
- Very good chemical resistance.
- High temperature resistance.
- Minimal thermal expansion, giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes.

Sold individually.

£ 28.90 GBP

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