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Chloramine-T (sodium salt) trihydrate ≥98%, GPR RECTAPUR® - Synonyms: Chloramine T sodium salt trihydrate , Tosylchloramide sodium trihydrate -> SDS

Hydrogen peroxide 3% stabilised, GPR RECTAPUR® - Stabilisation: Stabilised with Phosphoric acid 0.04 % -> SDS

Hydrogen peroxide 30% stabilised Ph. Eur. - Stabilisation: Stabilised with Stabilised -> SDS

Sodium chloride 99.5-100.5%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® ACS, Reag. Ph. Eur. analytical reagent -> SDS

Potassium chloride 99.5-101.0%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® Reag. Ph. Eur. analytical reagent -> SDS

Molecular biology grade water is ideal for the preparation of reagents, rinsing glassware and plasticware, and other molecular biology applications where Rnase, Dnase, and Protease-free water is required. No toxic agents, including DEPC, are used in the preparation of Mediatech's molecular biology grade water, eliminating possible interferences with enzymatic reactions.

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