DNA and RNase-Exitus Plus

DNA-Exitus Plus. Solution for the removal of DNA and RNA contamination from surfaces. Suitable for cleaning PCR work stations and equipment, electrophoresis equipment, as well as pipettes and reaction tubes, for example.

  • All components are readily bio-degradable and not harmful or toxic for humans
  • Doesn't contain aggressive mineral acids or alkaline substances
  • No organic solvents or volatile components
  • Delivered as spray bottles or refill bottles (RF)

Available in 500ml spray bottle


RNase-ExitusPlus™ is a non-alkaline, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic cleansing solution that is highly active against RNase contamination. RNase-ExitusPlus™ has been demonstrated to inactivate more than 20 μg of RNase A dried onto the bottom of a microcentrifuge tube. RNase-ExitusPlus™ is stable for approximately 18 months and heat resistant. It should be stored at room temperature; at colder temperatures a precipitate may form which is easily brought into solution at 37 °C. RNase-ExitusPlus™ is supplied in spray bottles and a 1 litre refill pack is also available.

  • Catalytic and cooperative effects of the components cause a very rapid non-enzymatic, non-sequence-specific degradation of protein and RNase molecules
  • All components of RNase-ExitusPlus™ are readily biologically degradable and not harmful or toxic for humans
  • No aggressive mineralic acids or alkaline substances are used; equipment and materials are not damaged or corroded even after prolonged incubation times
  • No organic solvents or volatile components, no toxic fumes
  • Elevated temperatures above approx. 50 °C speed up the reaction and the efficiency

Available in 500ml spray bottle

£ 49.90 GBP

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