Nitrile Gloves

These single-use examination and disposable protective gloves are made from nitrile. Examination Gloves are suitable in work enviroments where there is possible contact with bodily fluids, microorganisms, and chemicals. They do not contain natural rubber latex and are excellent alternative for those suffering from Type I allergies. The powder-free gloves offer high flexibility, tactility, tear and chemical resistance.

- Size: S, L, M

- Up to three times more puncture resistant than other synthetic gloves.

- Free from chlorine, natural rubber latex proteins and rubber accelerators, particularly skin friendly for users with latex allergy

- Non sterile, powder-free

- Textured fingertips provide extra grip for wet or dry applications

- Comfortable, strong glove material ensures stability and wearer comfort over long periods of time

- Food contact approved.

- Packaging: Supplied in a practical 100 piece pack

- Certifications: EN 420, EN 455 1-4

£ 13.90 GBP

Choosing the right gloves to protect skin

Protecting against substances in the workplace
The most effective and reliable way to prevent skin problems is to design and operate processes to avoid contact with harmful substances.  So take all the steps you can to achieve this before resorting to the use of protective gloves.

Protective gloves tend to be less effective than other control measures but if avoiding contact is impractical or is not enough to protect employees then gloves may be needed. When you select protective gloves, base your choice on the work, the wearer and the environment they work in. You need to consider the following five factors:

  • Identify the substances handled.
  • Identify all other hazards.
  • Consider the type and duration of contact.
  • Consider the user - size and comfort.
  • Consider the task.

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