Labelling Pen

These labelling pens use a quick drying ink.

The permanent ink is specially formulated to resist oil, solvents, abrasion and fading.

Fine point.

£ 1.00 GBP

Example of how to label a Petri dish:

Petri dishes are labelled on the bottom rather than on the lid. Write close to the edge of the bottom of the plate to preserve area to observe the plate after it has incubated. Labels usually include the organism name, type of agar, date, and the plater's name or initials. Using sterile cotton swabs, remove any visible water on the agar in the plate or around the inner rim of the petri plate. Observe the plate and mentally divide it into three sectors. The plate will then be turned clockwise (if you are right handed) with the agar side up. The second sector will then be at the top for streaking and then the plate is turned again so that the third sector can be streaked.

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