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Sealing film seals petri dishes, beakers, flasks, and other vessels.Protects against evaporation, leakage, and contamination. Easy sealing with 300% elasticity even for irregular shapes;

Labelling tape made of paper with rubber adhesive and are assembled in rainbow pack. Resistant to moisture and most solvents; Withstands max. temperature of +247 °C and down to −73 °C; Withstands steam autoclaving cycle at +121 °C;

Autoclaving tape is a convenient method to prove a completed sterilisation cycle in both gravity discharge and vacuum autoclaves. Green indicator lines change to black when proper levels of steam pressure and temperature have been achieved;

Masking tape made of paper with rubber adhesive are suitable for sensitive painting work, oven drying, IR and heat lamps systems. Withstands temperature  up to 160 °C; Solvent and moisture resistant; Removable without residue

Cling film in dispenser box (food safe) Ideal for packaging, covering wrapping larger vessels;

Aluminium foil (Pure aluminium 99,0 to 99,5%) Comes in a practical dispenser; Ideal for packaging, covering and insulation;

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