An open call to anyone selling or disposing of lab equipment.

We are a non-profit with the mission to deliver affordable biotechnology infrastructure to early stage biotech companies. We can make competitive offers on equipment as well as remove old equipment at short notice. The equipment will either go into our shared labs and provide value to biotech startups or will be gifted/lent to biotechs to use in their own labs.

Open Cell hosts 70 shipping containers in Shepherd’s Bush and offer shared and private lab space to a range of biotech startups. One big problem teams face is finding affordable lab equipment. Many people have tried second hand dealers only to be very disappointed by the price and service they receive.

We are sick of these shady dealers taking money from research labs in industry and universities. We want to provide a direct connection between the people getting rid of equipment and those who could benefit from it most.

Some examples of equipment that our companies are in need of:

Autoclaves of all sizes,
Ultra low temperature storage systems
Analytical tools like nanodrops, fluoro plate readers and spectrophotometers
Microscopes and Microscopy ancillaries (filters/lenses)
Fume cupboards and flow hoods
Gel rigs and power packs
Anything that spins or shakes!

Startups are usually cash poor but pretty resourceful and even old disused equipment can be surprisingly useful!

Drop us an email with the subject line [Lab Equipment] to

Give us as much detail as possible about:

  • What is the equipment
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Timeframe (e.g. is this urgent)



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