Labs designed for biotech and life sciences startups

Fully serviced BSL2+ labs with access to specialist, equipment and flexible rental agreements in London.

A better way to work for biotech startups of all sizes.

Every business is unique, from your vision and dreams, to your workflows, skills and teams, so we've developed lab spaces that reflect the way you work. Whether you are pioneering new innovations in PCR, therapeutics, diagnostics, synthetic biology, foodtech, health and beauty or beyond, we can design a lab for your business.

Our labs are customisable to your workflows, with modular equipment units and workbenches that you can swap out as your protocols develop.

And as your business scales and your team grows, your lab space can as well. We've designed our labs so that when you need more space, you can simply add one or more adjoining labs to create a linear workflow.

Design follows function.

With an in-house industrial design team and extensive experience working with biotech startups, we’ve closely studied the in-lab experience and for every problem, designed a solution that works.

Each lab comes with a whole host of specially design features, including our IoT and lab management system to plan your protocols, book equipment and monitor your experiments every step of the way.
Gowning & Duffing Area
Lab Coat Laundry
Plenty of plugs!
Cloud data collection
-20° Fridge
IoT connected
Connected equipment
Virtual Lab
Plenty of storage
Integrated waste management
Modular bench design
- - Negative air pressure
- Negative air pressure

Design follows function.

With an in-house industrial design team and extensive experience working with biotech startups, we’ve closely studied the in-lab experience, and for every problem designed a solution that works.
  • Built in waste management
  • Glass washing station
  • Plenty of storage
  • Connected equipment
  • Modular design
  • Plenty of plugs
  • IoT connected lab
  • Gowning area

Hotel services, for scientists.

The BioHotel offers a full suite of biotech services created with scientists and startups in mind. We’ve taken care of all the ‘behind the scenes’ services like waste management, lab coats, autoclaving and glass washing, so you can focus on the science that matters.
Cryogenic freezer storage
Don't want a freezer in your lab? Chill, we can take care of your samples.
Comprehensive waste management
That's right! We'll dispose of your clinical, chemical and general waste.
Lab coat laundry
Make sure you start every day on the right foot, with a freshly cleaned and laundered lab coat.
Dry ice shipments & deliveries
Place an order and we’ll receive and put it in the correct temperature storage.
Ultrapure water
Our water stations will give you ultrapure water, on tap, whenever you need it.
All-inclusive rent
No hidden costs here, water and electricity are part of the monthly rent.
Sequencing services
Drop off your sample at our sequencing service for the next day's results.
Gas bottles on demand
We deliver gas bottles to your lab from C02 to nitrogen on demand.

Meet our digital operating system

Like any hotel concierge worth their weight in NaCl, there's no request to big or too small for Alfred.

He's around to help you with everything from booking your equipment, ordering consumables, monitoring (and disposing) of your waste and monitoring everything in the lab.

Plan and book with ease.

Workflows can be designed on our integrated platform which then connects directly to equipment booking in our specialist labs.

Alfred will be tuned into every need so can help you map out every step of your workflow.

Click & deliver consumables

Once you’ve mapped out your protocol, Alfred will automatically book any equipment you need in our specialist labs.

Running low on tips or PCR Plates? Alfred’s got your back. The online store is integrated into the system so you can pick up any fully validated consumables with a handy 10% discount. And of course, we’ll same-day deliver them to your workbench.

The first truly connected lab.

Alfred is the eyes and ears of the BioHotel operation. Every single piece of kit, including the bookable equipment, is connected to the cloud software, which means you have complete oversight of what’s happening with your protocol every step of the way.

Log into the cloud system at any time, from anywhere, view the dashboard and check in on your data collection, the status of your incubator, the temperature of your fridge or the airflow. If anything does go wrong, you’ll get alerted immediately. 

Plus he's a real stickler for the rules.

One of the perks of having Alfred in the lab is that he takes notes on everything - so if you’re moving from a proof of concept to a trial, or even a product, you’ll automatically have all the quality and compliance checks you need for your regulatory bodies audit taken care of.

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