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London Labs
for Life Science Companies

London life science labs available for biotech businesses working in PCR, medicine, healthcare, wellbeing, testing, diagnostics health and therapeutics.

The “hotel for scientists” provides a cluster of small labs, within a large facility, available for short-term rental by biotech startups with a range of shared services and facilities. As well as private labs, the BioHotel facilities provide access to equipment worth millions of pounds for a few pounds per day. Our services include (cold) deliveries, clinical waste, auditing and an integrated consumable store allowing companies to focus on the development of their technology instead of investing time and money into their infrastructure.

We provide ISO labs and cater especially for startups. We provide regulatory compliance support to help companies accelerate their ideas. Bioscience and biotech businesses working with human genetics and DNA need to meet strict regulatory requirements. We support in reaching compliance and accreditation within ISO and UKAS guidelines.