Connecting the physical with the digital lab

Currently, a large amount of meta-data from biological experiments can't be captured, while most equipment can't be integrated into one platform solution due to supplier-specific software. This adds additional challenges to the reproducibility of biological protocols.

We address this challenge by making each experiment and protocol traceable with the OpenCell digital lab twin.

OpenCell's digital lab enables you to plan and execute biological workflows and collect the associated equipment and metadata for better quality assurance and reproducibility of biological protocols.

Our digital lab twin captures every single data point along the way, making it easier to manage your lab, reproduce protocols, compare experiments and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The cloud platform not only monitors your lab but also detects issues along the way with the help of our real-time prediction analysis. It informs you about any problems early enough to prevent protocol failure or to repeat the protocol early in the process.  - to save money and time.
The OpenCell platform is fully open-source to enable you to customise it to your own needs and protocols. Just jump on our GitHub and get started.

We designed it to be modular and extensible, allowing you to add additional sensors and features to the platform. The platform is also designed to be low-cost and energy-efficient, making it ideal for academia, start-ups and scale-ups.

Watch out for our publication at the end of 2022 showcasing its functionalities and future developments.

Plan, Execute and Monitor

Plan a workflow
Everything starts with an idea and then a plan! Workflows can be designed on our integrated platform, which connects directly to equipment booking. It helps you to map out every step of your workflow.
Easily connect the necessary equipment, consumables and reagents while your are designing your personal workflows.
OpenCell Digital Lab Twin showcasing protocol designer function.
Prepare your protocol
Once you've mapped out your protocol, book any equipment you need in your labs. The inventory system and online store is integrated into the system, so you can pick up any fully validated consumables required. ‍
OpenCell Digital Lab Twin showcasing consumables function.
Monitor your lab
Every piece of equipment is connected, which means you have complete oversight of what's happening with your protocol at every step.
Log into the cloud system at any time, from anywhere, view the dashboard and check in on the status of your incubator, the temperature of your fridge or the airflow. If anything does go wrong, you'll get alerted immediately.
OpenCell Digital Lab Twin showcasing dashboard
Regulate your data
Our platform takes notes on everything - so if you're moving from a proof of concept to a trial or even a product, you'll  have all the quality and compliance checks you need for your regulatory bodies audit taken care of.
OpenCell Digital Lab Twin showcasing run manager function.

Application examples

Our Team

We’re a team of scientists, designers and technologists that love biotechnology.
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Industrial Designer
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Head of Laboratories
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Creative Director
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