Refrigerated Centrifuge

Model Nr.:
Lab #18
Biofuge Fresco
Refrigerated biological separation processes

Heraeus Fresco microcentrifuges combine power, versatility and convenience in a safe, compact, easy to use lab instrument. It is designed to accelerate routine sample preparation processes by providing high speed and generous capacity along with very good safety and convenience. From the intuitive controls, to the simple ClickSeal™ bio-containment lid, the Heraeus Fresco microcentrifuges deliver a very good blend of capabilities to support micro-volume protocols such as nucleic acid preparation, protein isolation and reaction set-up.

  •    Generous capacity holds 24 x 2 ml tubes
  •    Unique ClickSeal™ bio-containment rotor lid provides superior safety and convenience.
  •    Fast acceleration and deceleration reduces run times.
  •    Broad range of rotors, incl. rotors for PCR strips and 36 x 0.5 ml microtubes, can be sourced
  •    Intuitive controls with easy to read display make set-up and operation easy.
  •    Highly resistant materials allow vigorous cleaning and autoclaving for years of safe, reliable operation.

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