Equipment list

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Ice Machine

Ice Machine

OpenTrons OT2

Lab Robot

Stuart Orbital Incubator S1500

Cell culturing procedures

Walker Safety Cabinet

Safety Cabinet

Thermo Scientific Pipet Lite

Pipet Lite

Steinberg Glass Scale


Bio-Rad PowerPac 200 Power Supply

Power Supply

Syngene DigiGenius Gel Doc System

Standard bioimaging; gel imaging; DNA/RNA imaging

Eppendorf microcentrifuge 5415c


Vortex-Genie 2 Test Tube Shaker

Multiple ones available / bench

Airone-RS mobile filtration fume cupboard

for fumes absorption

HOMPO Sous Vide

Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator

Multi-Purpose Electric Steamer

Pressure cooker

Denver Instrument Co Force 6 Centrifuge

Micro Centrifuge

VWR Galaxy MiniStar Microcentrifuge

low speed centrifugation of tubes and strips

Thermo Electron PX2 Thermal Cycler

PCYL220 HBPX2110 96 Well

Stratagene RoboCycler 40 PCR Machine

PCR Machine

Biofuge fresco refrigerated centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge



Milli-Q water purifications A10 & Express 40

Water purification system

Millipore TANKPE030

30 Liter Polyethylene Storage Tank

Beakers, flasks, wash bottles, pipette tips and centrifuge tubes

1000ml - 100ml for beakers and flasks and 250ml centrifuge tubes

Manual Filling Machine

For Cream Shampoo Cosmetic Liquid Food Filler

T25 ultra turrayx

disperser tool

U-1 power mixer

Mixing device

Stuart rotator SB3

Test tube rotator

Olympus CH20 microscope

For application-specific configurations

Bluelab Combo Meter

Portable pH, conductivity and temperature meter

Tree KHR 502 Precision Balance

500g x 0.01g Scale

Besheng handheld printer

Coding machine printer

Fine Elements Single Hot Plate SDA1051

Hot plate for heating up mixtures

Braun MQ 100 handheld blender

Basic handheld blender