Fluovert FU Microscope

Model Nr.:
Lab #03
Fluovert FU
Living cells or organisms observation

Unique design has the overall appearance and functionality of an upright but is actually an inverted microscope. This allows viewing from the bottom of a petri dish. A normal slide can also be used. Just turn the slide upside down.

Special Features:

  • Five-Place Nosepiece (rotation is normal and smooth with good clean stops).
  • Low Position XY Stage Movement is functionally normal. Right hand movement.
  • Halogen Transmitted Light Source. 6V-20W Bulb. Located in rear mounted external housing.

Photography Port:

  • Trinocular Head.
  • Includes photography port for attaching a digital USB camera for connection to a computer.
  • Eyepiece Pair: PeriPlan GF 10X/20 M. High Eyepoint (okay to wear eyeglasses). The 20mm field of view is good, as many are only 18mm.

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