IMPLEN NanoPhotometer

Model Nr.:
Lab #18
NanoPhotometer P300
Spectrophotometer for NanoVolume measurements

The NanoPhotometer P300 is a versatile UV / VIS spectrophotometer designed for NanoVolume measurements in a very small volume from 0.3 µl using a unique cuvette and for measurements in classical cuvettes with an optical path of 10 mm.

The instrument allows measurement of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, proteins and cell density without dilution. In addition to absorbance measurements, it is also possible to measure reaction kinetics or to measure the entire spectrum in the range of 200 - 950 nm.

The device comes with a NanoPhotometer Software Package for transferring data to your computer. Mode P300 is a stand-alone unit - no need for PC control. The device has no moving parts - it ensures accurate results over the life of the device without the need for recalibration.

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