Esco Airstream Safety Cabinet

Model Nr.:
Lab #03
Airstream Gen 3
Conducting experiments that require ISO 5 environment

Room air is taken in from the top of the cleanbench through a disposable pre -filter with85% arrestance; this serves to trap largerparticles and increase the life of the main filter.

Air is forced evenly across the ULPA/H14filter(s); the result is a stream of cleanlaminar air within the workzone of the cleanbench; this dilutes and flushes all airbornecontaminants from the interior.

A nominal filter face velocity of 0.45 m/s or 90fpm ensures that there is a sufficient numberof air changes within the enclosed area of theclean bench to maintain cleanliness.

The purified air travels across the internalwork zone of the clean bench in a horizontal,unidirectional stream and leaves the mainwork chamber across the entire open front ofthe clean bench.

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