RiOs-DI 3 UV Water Purification

Model Nr.:
Lab #18
RiOs-DI 3
Production analytical quality pure water (type II)

Easy-to-use RiOs-DI® systems produce Type II purewater whose quality is superior to that of service DI or stills.Plus, with their combination of reverse osmosis (RO)technology and deionization resins, RiOs-DI® systems letyou avoid the issues associated with service DI or distillation(maintenance, storage, cleaning, etc.).

Water from RiOs-Di® systems is suitable for a varietyof uses, including buffer and reagent preparation;microbiological culture media preparation; andglassware rinsing.

RiOs-DI® systems have a pure water flow rate of>2.4 liters per hour and an integrated 6 L reservoirfor pure water storage.

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