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45 shipping containers in Shepherd’s Bush London, with offices, workshops and biology labs for early stage startups and designers. We don't believe in long winded business plans. We want residents to build things people want.

By hosting expensive infrastructure  we are able to offer a low cost environment for biotech prototyping. Our community of like minded innovators can help you prototype inventions faster.

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Rent affordable private and shared labs

We host a range of shared labs and private specialist labs. The shared labs host items like flow hoods, non-ducted fume cupboards,  -80, -20 and 4C storage, incubators (static/shaking), centrifuges (1ml-50ml refrigerated), and bench space available to all. We also have a TON of small essentials and if you need more info please see our full list.

Each private specialist lab comes with sink, benching, wifi, electricity, water all in one price (699/month exVAT) as well as OpenCell’s help on getting the specialist essentials up and running (e.g., fume cupboards, extraction, CO2 or other gases). Every company is different, our support ranges from small stuff to helping labs source their first key items (incubators, flow hoods, fume cupboards).

We have great supplier relationships for almost everything (but if we don’t then we are always keen to make a new friend!). We also have a strong network of grant writers, SEO experts and an in-house media team to help tell your story. If you have already found your dream home outside of open cell then we can also help support you to get setup there too.

The lab store has almost everything you need for your biotech experiments at wholesale prices.
All OpenCell members get 10% off. Just buy what you need on the webpage (we stock VWR alongside others) and pay online and collect right away. Not based at opencell? We are starting delivery in selected London locations. 

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Private Lab

£799 (exVAT)

  • 10% off webstore
  • 150sqft private lab
  • Mailing address
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to shared labs

BSL2 Labs

Coming Soon

  • 10% off webstore
  • 15% discount Huckletree offices
  • from 200sqft private BSL2 lab
  • Mailing address
  • Access to shared labs
  • Booking of specialist equipment


  • Ultra Purified Water
  • Deionized Water
  • Autoclaves
  • -80 Freezer
  • Centrifuges
  • Fume Cupboards
  • BSL2 Cabinet


  • Consumables Store
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Community Kitchen
  • Event Space
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Workshop


  • 10% Discount in Consumables Store
  • Communication Team
  • Grant application team
  • Access to potential scale-up space