A ‘Game Changer’ in the world of Couture, Aurelie Fontan creates Sustainable and Circular Couture


Aurelie Fontan’s plans to be a ‘Game Changer’ in the world of Couture are rapidly coming to fruition. Balancing both an MA in Fashion at The RCA and being part of our Open Cell ‘Residency Program’; Fontan’s passion lies in creating Sustainable & Circular Couture. With such a unique take on couture, Fontan’s graduate “Kombucha Dress” naturally gained attention winning awards at Graduate Fashion Week.

While studying a BA in Fashion at Edinburgh, Aurelie Fontan also held a placement at The Ascus Lab allowing for further exploration alongside her BA. Her distinctive approach to couture, although niche, has already left footprints with each step Aurelie Fontan takes. Her highlights so far are numerous. Fontan has shown at London Fashion Week’s ‘Offshedule’ We Work sponsored show for Sustainable Emerging Designers. Fontan also curated London’s first ‘BioFashion’ Show at BioDesign HereNow 2019.    

Currently creating unique couture pieces from recycled automotive leather, Fontan’s outcomes are intricate and stunning as she continues to push the boundaries of fashion.

Having proven a couture collection can be created from recycled waste, Fontan’s next steps include a collaboration with one of our established residents. They plan to develop and bring a Mycelium based Textile to the market.