Giulia will share her project Future Flora, this year's Starts Prize winner at Ars Electronica.

Giulia is an Interaction Designer and Researcher specialised in wearable technology, biotechnology and material finishes. Based in Nottingham, she is working as a researcher in Interactive Wearables at the Nottingham Trent University. She considers herself a maker and explorer, using materiality to question and communicate the boundaries between technology and our bodies. As a designer, she aims to raise awareness, to expose assumptions, provoke actions and to spark critical debates.

By researching and developing smart materials, and wearable computing propositions, Giulia questions our notions of wellbeing by developing innovative tools in the intersection of medical and social sciences. These intersections are enabled by her multidisciplinary collaborations and the symbiosis between her creative and scientific work, generating knowledge exchange and social integrations in healthcare.

These past years she has been investigating the potential of biotechnology and living materials, proposing a biological and sustainable alternative for electronic textiles.

Learn more about Giulias Work here.