If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s probably at the top of your list. Netflix’s Seaspiricy from the same folks who created Cowspiricy. Both very well made films which highlight issues which we will need to overcome in our lifetime.

Thankfully, there have been a lot of people already working on the solutions and we would like to introduce you to a few of them.


BioFeyn adapts nanotechnologies based on human medicine to deliver nutrients and natural disease preventatives to fish. BioFeyn's goal is to produce the most sustainable and nutrient-packed farmed fish on the market by optimizing existing ingredients that are already proven to be safe and sustainable. We add value for farmers, feed suppliers, and the environment. We produced this film for their demo day with SOSV last October.

Find out more at BioFeyn


At the 2019 Synbitech conference, we caught up with Ben Reeve to hear about the problems facing our water ways and how we can improve them. Puraffinity is a spinout company from Imperial College London that specialises in designing and manufacturing novel advanced materials for environmental benefit, such as removing harmful pollutants from water and wastewater. Focusing initially on PFAS removal, Puraffinity has developed an innovative adsorbent media allowing an easily deployable solution for addressing PFAS compliance. 

For more info visit Puraffinity

ExciPlex Inc

ExciPlex came out of the latest Hatch accelerator Cohort. ExciPlex is developing novel diagnostic technologies for detecting mycotoxins in animal feed and feed inputs. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, we have invented cutting-edge photochemical techniques that will redefine mycotoxin detection and management. Our technology will offer faster and simpler options for existing users (e.g. feed mills), eliminating a key bottleneck in grain processing. Additionally, our technology is versatile enough to work in complex feed matrices, from pelleted feeds to silages, providing previously-inaccessible capabilities (e.g on-farm detection). New technology. New markets. ExciPlex is the next generation of mycotoxin detection. We produced this film for them last year as they geared up for investment.

Find our more at ExciPlex, Inc.