Open Thursday with Zoe Powell from Materiom

We are excited to invite you to our second Open Cell Open Thursday on the 31st of January together with Zoe Powell from Materiom.

During the day you will get the chance to enter Materiom’s material kitchen and join Zoë Powell at Open Cell to make your own bioplastic recipe! Make sure to sign up, spaces are limited!

10:30-12:30 Materiom Morning Workshop - Explore biomaterials & ingredient making

14:00-16:00 Materiom Afternoon Workshop - Explore biomaterials & ingredient making


Sign up for our evening event here!
In the evening (6pm) we welcome everyone to a talk by Zoë Powell and to join us in a discussion about using local material waste, developing new recipes and the workshop results of the day.
You will get as well the chance to touch and explore a diverse set of materials from the Materiom platform.
More info about the Workshops:
From abundant, local ingredients to using waste food, we will help you look at materials in a whole new way. We’ll use our digital library of open-source material recipes to teach you the ins and outs of making sustainable materials and life-friendly chemistry.

The bioplastic recipes are all natural, vegan, not harmful to the environment using ingredients such as beetroot, sage, turmeric, agar agar and used coffee grounds.

Participants will have the opportunity to measure, mix and mould their own samples. (If you’ve made a mould you’d like to use or want to bring your own container to dry your sample in at home, please feel free to.)
We are always looking for new contributors, so dive into the world of natural materials with us and join the open-source materials revolution! |
More info about Zoe Powell & Materiom:
Zoe Powell is a multi-disciplinary Designer-Maker. She is also a Researcher and Workshop Facilitator of Textiles and Biomaterials.

Since 2008, she has been working on commissions and projects internationally for a variety of industries including art, fashion and interiors.

The focus of her work is centred around creatively using resources, circular design strategies and production techniques both digital & hand crafted.

Materiom is an open platform for materials experimentation and development for a circular economy. They have the belief that a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach is the key to unlocking a 21st century materials economy that is regenerative by design.

Their mission is to enable everyone, everywhere to participate in the next generation of materials.

Working at the intersection of design, material science and ecology, the Materiom platform and its community are using open source data and technology to unlock a circular materials economy that is regenerative by design.
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