We have Open Residencies commencing February 2020 (or later based on your circumstances) and running up to six months. This offers individuals or groups at the earliest stages of business a studio/office space with full access to the suite of OpenCell lab/workshop facilities and the support of the community.

This is a great way to start a venture, expand an idea or create a charitable programme. We have seen so many people leave university with a great seed of an idea but without the infrastructure to test it. This is a place for you to test.

OpenCell takes no equity, IP or any other claim to your business. However, we are a community and we do expect the open resident (or residents) to contribute at least 5 days per month to community activities. This can be in different forms but it will require meaningful engagement. Examples could include (but are not limited to) outreach events, workshops, training, sourcing equipment, maintenance of tools etc.

This year we are in particular looking for ideas that tackle challenges around hardware and/or software for biotechnology and projects that make advantage of synthetic biology. But we are open minded and would like to hear diverse ideas!

To apply email info@opencell.bio with subject line: [Open Residency]:

Project idea (100 words)
Milestones for your Open Residencies
Start and Finish Date
Facilities needed
Tell us about yourself (100 words)

Apply here before the 1st January*: info@opencell.bio

* Tip: We recommend to apply early. We receive a lot of applications and might give spots to great ideas before January.

Last years Open Residents included:

Blast Studio with their project "Lovely Trash"

Post Carbon Studio working on biological dyes.

Piero D'Angelo with his studio Wetwear Couture

Aurelie Fontan who turns undervalued/discarded into vegan leather with fungi.