Post Carbon Lab, the ‘Transdisciplinary Design Research Studio’ who focus on Sustainability and Dignity.

Post Carbon Lab's specialise in textile application, using bacterial pigments dyeing and photosynthesis coating onto garments.

Collaboration based duo, Post Carbon Lab herald from very different backgrounds. Having met at a workshop in France, the Fashion Costume & Architecture graduates soon realised they shared similar views on environmental sustainability in a capitalistic marketplace. With this view in mind; 'Post Carbon Lab' was created in 2019.

Post Carbon Lab describes themselves as a ‘Transdisciplinary Design Research Studio’ who focus on Sustainability and Dignity.

Post Carbon Lab's specialism is textile application, they invite brands to test their own materials using the Post Carbon Lab Process. Using bacterial pigments dyeing and photosynthesis coating, the studio dye already produced garments. Post Carbon Lab are adamant that they do not want to pursue the product end and produce new products. They feel there are already enough products in the world. They are extremely conscious of the negative environmental impact of mass production, especially within the textiles world. This is where the brands ‘Dignity’ positively comes into play. This innovative approach gained Post Carbon Lab a place on our Open Residency Program.

Their highlights include working with the automotive industry and with fashion brands such as Kering and Balenciaga as well as a project endorsed by Stella McCartney.

Post Carbon Lab is currently exploring surface prints and intends to merge their pigment ”dyeing & coating“ process to create sustainable prints for fashion houses. They also have numerous exciting projects in the pipeline beyond the Open Residency Program and their success has led to them becoming full-time Open Cell residents once the program ends in December.