Rethinking Feathers

At AEROPOWDER, we believe in the circular economy and in unlocking the potential of hidden waste streams. We have turned our attention to the millions of tons of feathers that are generated every year around the world by the global poultry industry. Our goal is to enable the local production of sustainable materials, anywhere in the world, wherever there are feathers.

Developing the world’s first sustainable insulation material made from waste feathers.

We have harnessed the properties of feathers to create a unique patent-pending insulation material, designed to replace expanded polystyrene as a thermal packaging material for food or pharmaceutical deliveries.

With the number of food deliveries rapidly growing, we must shift away from plastic packaging. pluumo matches the required insulation performance of expanded polystyrene while being created from a natural waste material and being compostable after use.

Powered by feathers, pluumo is enabling deliveries to be insulated in a better way.

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