Akvile Terminaite

Play and collective memory is at the heart of my work. This stems from my experience in education and museums, where different narratives and childlike curiosity open up new ways of learning and understanding. I use this and multimodal research to craft experiences that spark an interest in the way we build knowledge.

As a design researcher and interdisciplinary practitioner I draw inspiration from social and cognitive sciences as well as maker culture. I am testing the boundaries of design and merge the fields of product, interface and interaction design.

As an ever evolving process, most recently, my work sits at the intersection of microbiology and cryptology to rethink how unique human microbiome can reshape digital systems. Having spent time looking and tracking individualistic approaches to making, I got fascinated by the traces we leave on the microscale. That got me thinking about the relationship between the variables of the human body and the predictability of computers. At Open Cell, I am asking how unique hand bacteria can be used to keep the internet secure.

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