My Personal Therapeutics

MPT identifies drug treatments for patients based on their tumor genetics. We train AI algorithms using precise data derived from and validated by our own comprehensive drug testing. We employ a proprietary, low-cost, whole animal model that recapitulates an individual’s unique cancer genetics and faithfully models tumor-host interactions. Nearly all combinations incorporate non-cancer drugs, making them less toxic and more affordable.

The Personal Discovery Process provides individuals with treatment-driven research on an unprecedented scale. Our Personal Discovery Process (PDP) is effectively a massive clinical trial for a single patient. We engineer the genetic complexity of each patient’s unique tumor network into an army of 400,000 fruit fly "avatars.” Using robotics, we evaluate up to 1,200 FDA approved drugs including non-cancer drugs, to identify drug combinations that significantly improve mortality in the individual’s avatar population.

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai developed the PDP methodology over four years of clinical research, with technical input from the FDA. They found that that real-world patient tumors are made resistant to single drug treatments by mutations in multiple genes, including genes not previously associated with cancer.  Such resistant tumors can, however, be effectively addressed with novel combinations of FDA approved drugs.  The most effective combinations almost always include non-cancer drugs.

The PDP methods are licensed exclusively to My Personal Therapeutics.

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