Here at Natura, we work with the ecosystem by redesigning current biosystems to be capable of producing materials and objects to fill our lives. These systems disrupt wasteful processes by turning unwanted resources into beautiful products. By working with mycelium, we are able to create objects of natural beauty that help the environment, rather than harm it.

The objects we surround ourselves with dictate our moods and emotions; they become curated manifestations of our mind that become a safe space for us to feel comfortable and act as an invitation for others to experience our personalities. We, as a species, are becoming more conscious about what we choose to consume, whether that is food, clothes or how we travel from A to B, and we believe that design should be one of them.

Natura’s products are 100% chemical free, fire retardant and naturally waterproof. Best of all, if it does manage to end up in the waste stream, it will be completely composted down within 1-2 months; leaving nothing but fertile soil that can be used in your garden.

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