Our passion is to revolutionise the purification industry with cutting edge technology.

We established Purius in 2016 to exploit opportunities within the biopharmaceutical sector, specifically delivering a solution to reduce manufacturing costs and increase throughput. To do so, we have established a novel technological process called ‘zero step purification’. The purification stage of pharmaceutical drug production is currently resource-inefficient. Current industry processes involve the use of resin, filters and other consumables, the use of which are no longer required when using our process.

We estimate that our platform can eliminate up to 60% of downstream processing costs (DSP). We have identified through extensive market research that DSP is the bottleneck costing an average of 55%-80% of cost of goods (COGs).

Emerging markets such as biosimilars are growing fast but under enormous cost pressure due to the significant costs associated with the current drug refinement proces.

We are keen to disrupt the market with our novel approach that offers significant cost savings and productivity improvements.

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