We believe in people. We believe humans are intelligent, benevolent beings, capable of great achievements. We believe that humans are toolmakers.

When people work together they create new ways to solve many challenging problems. We're creating Wonder for everyone to be able to access the latest advancements, experience state of the art, gain new opportunities and create their own inventions.

We want to connect inventors, creators, makers and doers by bringing their products on to a widely available platform; cut costs and reduce waste by making them reusable and shareable.

When trying new products via Wonder, people get inspired and encouraged to invest more in the inventions they like, or create their own and improve upon an original idea.

Wonder is an online marketplace for inventions. Anyone who makes new interesting products can add them to the platform. We work closely with creators to help them present and publish their products. Our swift and prompt delivery partners take care of all logistics.

We want the delivery of innovate products to be done right. To ensure initial supplies are managed appropriately, we're first trialling the platform in beta mode. Following this stage, we will be opening the platform to everyone.

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